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GellyBall Ages 8+

Twinkle Town has partnered up with GellyBall to bring this fun game to Long Island. GellyBall is a safer alternative to airsoft and paintball. Even better, the GellyBall ammo doesn’t even leave behind much trace – it is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and easily washes away with water which is ideal for a party at your home. GellyBalls makers hold up to 750 shots without reloading. These are easy to use battery operated markers that shoot a water orb which allows for a much lighter impact and no mess.

Does GellyBall hurt?

GellyBall is lower impact than paintball and airsoft. Getting hit with a Gellyball is like a snap from a rubber band. Everyone reacts to the impact differently. Feel free to dress in an extra layer so you can decide how much impact you want to feel. Close range combat, which we will try to avoid, can result in red marks on skin, but in our experience, they are not painful like the bruises and welts from other projectile sports.

What is included in the GellyBall party?

  • Up to 12 GellyBall Blasters
  • Up to 12 GellyBall Masks
  • At least 1 full hopper of up to 750 shots per blaster
  • 10 bunkers that offer a variety of strategic covering
  • 1-2 game attendants/referees to show players how to play, ensure safety and adherence GellyBall rules

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